Progressive Early Education

At Kids World, we focus and specialize in the Montessori education for toddlers. Montessori is one of the most progressive educational systems in the world, trusting even the youngest of children with the capability to learn from specialized educational tools and the environment.
We focus on five areas of educational discipline including: sensorial, mathematics, language, culture and practical life.
Rather than directing toddlers on what to do, our teachers or “directress’” guide children through their learning. As we believe toddlers thrive and develop most in a free, collaborative and unrestricted environment.

Community Design

Kids World nurseries are designed to be community nurseries as an eco-system that ensures collaboration between teachers, children, parents and the community.

  1. Shop-front concept:
    We operate as shop-front nurseries in community areas ensuring we are close and accessible to each one of our parents.
    Whether you are running late or need to keep your child with us longer, parents can be rest assured as we are right next to your homes.
  2. Mixed age classrooms:
    Guided by the Montessori philosophy, each classroom has been designed to educate children of different age groups.
    For instance a three year old can guide a two year old on how to use our mathematic instruments
  3. Cozy spaces:
    To ensure each child is treated with individual special attention, we focus on keeping our spaces cozy. This allows for children to interact with all teachers, assistant teachers, nurses and other toddlers.
  4. Partnering with local businesses:
    Our success as a nursery is highly dependent on our ability to connect and communicate with others in the community. This includes small local businesses such as cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, salons etc.

Dedicated Teachers

As per the Montessori Philosophy, our teachers are known as “The Directress”. She is a scientist whose responsibility is to not just to teach the child, but connect the child’s potential with the environment.
We ensure our teachers go through a systematic recruitment process to ensure they are qualified, dedicated and passionate. This includes assessing her abilities to connect with children on an emotional, educational and empathetic level.

Future Learning

Molding children for future growth is part of the significance of early childhood education.
Each of our nurseries have a technology room equipped with a SMART interactive whiteboard to ensure children are participating and interacting with their learning.
Each Kids World Nursery is also investing in educational toys to teach toddlers the basics of coding – the language of the future.


In order for our children to interact, engage and respect their communities - it is essential they are informed about the world they live in.
The UAE is one of the most unique and diverse countries in the world, with a rich heritage. All of our nurseries have a room designed to replicate the local Bedouin culture. We ensure that our children are taught about the local visionary leaders, the history of the nation and the desert ecosystem.

meet our director:

Lovita Chauhan


The path to starting Kids World has been a journey of significant milestones and challenges, but 12 years later I am overwhelmed to admit my dreams are coming true. Children are the carriers of future change and I believe it is our responsibility to shape their minds to be the creative, empathetic and engaged leaders of tomorrow.

Back in 1993, when my first daughter was around 2, I took the important yet difficult decision of enrolling her in a Montessori nursery. At first I was hesitant, she would cry every morning and I used to ask myself if I was being a good mother? Had I made the right choice for her? However a week or two into her being there I saw that change. Her eyes were full of excitement, as she had found a new world for herself – full of creativity, love and friendship. I knew at that moment I made the right move.

You see children until the age of six are yet exploring the world, their senses are alive and their minds fluid. If given the right tools, a passionate teacher, a creative environment and safe space – children have the ability to achieve wonders.

It is with this vision that we run Kids World nurseries. To provide a space in which our parents are rest assured, our teachers are driven by the need to create an impact and our children are being molded to be the change we want to see in the world.

our Journey

Samnan, Sharjah

The dreams and passions of a mother came true as she established the first Kids World Nursery, located in Samnan, Sharjah.

International City, Dubai

Kids World Nursery opened its second Montessori Nursery in International City, Dubai.

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Kids World ventured further into Dubai and opened its third nursery in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

Al Nahda, Sharjah

Kids World Nursery re-located to Al Nahda, Sharjah, as the first nursery in the area.

Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai

Kids World opened its recent nursery in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.