Our Design Principles

Design Principles

Montessori with a blend of traditional methods

providing an engaging age appropriate group, in which teachers act as guides to help children reinforce their own learning, yet maintaining a child-directed learning environment.

A Shopfront

it was very important to remain small as our concept was centered on the needs of the children, and the need to integrate them within the community.


 The teachers are observers and their research further helps us to integrate Montessori methods with our traditional education. 

A Learning Community with no boundaries

 bridging the boundaries with the community, educating parents and encouraging parents to take part in classroom activities.

A creative person in the vicinity

where in children interact with creative individuals from outside the nursery.

Awareness of Nature

 our nursery is designed to educate children on how they can respect the environment, care for nature and feel for the world they are part of. 

Social responsibility

we harness in our children the empathy, drive and passion needed to work for a social cause. 

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